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Sky News: Lunchtime Agenda: Budget/Joe Hockey

Interviewer: Laura Jayes Panel: Linda Reynolds/Graham Perrett Jayes: Linda Reynolds, first to you. The Government has dropped its very unpopular plan to change the rate of indexation for the rate for the pension. Is this too little too late? Should the Government have dropped this a little earlier than just a couple of days out […]

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Sky News: PM Agenda: Young People In Nursing Homes

Interviewer: Laura Jayes Reynolds: It has absolutely grabbed me as an issue very early on when I had advocates come and speak to me. And I became aware that nearly 6500 young Australians were in aged care simply because there was nowhere else for them to go. And the more I looked into it the […]

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Sky News Lunchtime Agenda: Interview with David Lipson

Lipson: She is a Senator from WA who is also on a committee that is looking into the incidence of gun violence and how this country can reduce that. Linda Reynolds, thank you for your time. If I could take you to our current gun laws. Are they adequate? Reynolds: Well David the first thing […]

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